Altcoin – A cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin Aml – Anti money laundering Arbitrage – Taking advantage of a market price differences across different exchanges Ath – All time high. This implies the highest market price of a cryptocurrency Backup phrase – Random words which can be used to restore a wallet Bagholder – A trader […]


The cryptocurrency Coin MarketCap is still 100 times smaller than the NYSE which is an American stock exchange on Wall Street, New York City with a worth of over $18.5 trillion. The cryptocurrency market could, however, in the nearest future, become bigger than the NYSE because of the technology (blockchain) backing it which has the potential […]


Bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto as A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System that works independently of a Central Bank or Government. The price of Bitcoin was valued at $0.0001 some years ago and has the potential of being valued at $1,000,000 in the nearest future due to its scarcity nature, limited […]